Musician By Default;

Welcome to my Tumblr! I am a 22-year-old person and an 11-year-old violinist going to college to learn how to violin good. I like people, places, and things. Here's a helpful list of people, places, and things I like a lot - for your convenience, of course!

♫ Music. I'm sure you've got that covered already.
♫ Starkid Potter, therefore Harry Potter. Like any sensible human being.
♫ Markiplier. I have an infatuation, guys.
♫ Parks and Recreation. Admittedly Ben-obsessed.
♫ Video games. Lots and lots of video games.
♫ Cartoons. You know, the good ones.
♫ Glee. Not too much. #sorrynoiamactuallysorry
♫ Feminism. Because the world needs it.
♫ God/Jesus/Faith. Also because the world needs it.
♫ Nature. Because OMG SO PRETTY.
♫ Tumblrisms. Makes the internet go 'round.

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